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Weather Seals

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Hood Latch Seal

Hood latch seal

This is a reproduction Hood Latch Seal that will fit all makes and model Pontiac Fiero's.

The stock rubber and foam Fiero seal has decayed and become rotten over time and this reproduction seal is made of the finest modern material available! This seal is meant to keep leaves and debris out of your duct-work so as to not clog up airflow for your A/C and heater. We have spared no expense in reproducing this commonly worn out Fiero part.


Sunroof Hold Down Seals (Pair)

Sunroof seal 1sunroof seal 2

These aftermarket seals attach to the underside of the hood and press down to hold your sunroof in place when stored. The factory seals crack or become misshapen over time. This new design also features small ribs in the rubber to help grip the glass. Come with attached double-sided tape for easy installation.